The role of education is undeniable owing to the impact it leaves on human society. It’s hard to imagine a society without schooling as it draws a dystopian future where humans are going backwards stripping itself from the apparel of enlightenment. The rationality of human nature would be at stake, and the society would experience a disruptive situation without the very absence of the term – education.

So, down below are a few critical reasons that will shed some light on the importance of education and how it should be implemented in the modern society.

  • Adoption of systematic approach will create better future leaders

The development of a country depends primarily upon the literacy rate of the population. The number of educated people adds effective solutions to major societal problems. They also work for the betterment of an economy and enhance its competitiveness in the global arena.

This is the reason why schools and universities should adopt a systematic approach to nurturing and educating students according to the current mindset of culture. The outlook should be more globalised considering the scenario of a modern world where digitalization has united everything. This will result in cultivating talents who will be the future of tomorrow.


  • Giving Emphasis on holistic education

Moreover, it is essential to nurture both the emotional and psychological well-being of students. It will create a sense of moral and civic responsibilities as a citizen of a country. To achieve this purpose, one needs to study a wide range of subjects apart from the STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which create a profound impact on the mental growth of a student. These subjects include literature, history, psychology, and other humanities subjects.

While science and technologies are undeniably crucial for the innovation and upgradation of an economy, humanities subjects add a fulfilling purpose that helps one to judge the critical aspect of human nature. Also, fine arts like paintings, music, sculpture and performing arts should be given equal importance to foster overall development of a sound citizen.

As the nation’s future lies in an education pattern of a society, it is imperative to bring significant changes. Teachers often focus on the academic performances of students without emphasizing on moral and intellectual development. This should be rectified, and modern curriculum should give effort on quality education. Only this will provide hope for a healthier future where there will be –


  1. Social Harmony

Education helps you to see things clearly. A multifaceted education system fosters a deeper understanding of everything thereby promoting social harmony.

  1. Technological advancement

A better education system will pave the way for progress in technology and other science fields. Lots of researchers and exploration will bring in a significant change in lifestyle.

  1. Knowledge advancement

With time, the education system will reach another level of knowledge acquisition that will be passed on from generation after generation. Thus, the future world will be the beneficiaries of current teaching.

All in all, education plays a significant role in how a person thinks and acts. Therefore, emphasis should be put on the system of providing education for a superior generation.