social science

It is necessary that the society believes in brotherhood in spite of the cultural and geographical arising out of a constant social interaction. The community has not emerged overnight. Man is a social animal, but in shaping the society, a lot of credit goes to social science.

Social science deals mainly with concerns related to society and its relationship amongst the individuals in a society.

Social science and its influence on charitable institutions

It is the social science that teaches us to live with the downtrodden and lend hands towards a charitable organisation. Positivist social scientists work for “understand the society”.

Auguste Comte, known as the ‘Father of Sociology’ showed how on unifying history, psychology and economics would provide a balanced society. It is through sociological positivism that social ills can be eradicated.


social science

Social sciences help to know work ethics

For years there have been unsafe practices of work culture. People thought that working 12 to 14 hours a day, for a wage that is worth a peanut, sweating out in unsafe and unhygienic conditions etc. were a part of their job profile.

With the onset of social scientists and social science, the impact of work culture has changed tremendously. With the right to be paid wages on par with stipulated working hours, to getting weekends off etc. is all part of the social science study.

Studies revealed how working round the clock, reduced wages, and unacceptable work practices had hampered the life of employees and it was time to change the culture. Today everything is streamlined due to the efforts put forth by the social scientists.

Social science and its influence on living a sustainable lifestyle

If you have been wondering why the sudden change of technology lifestyle has changed to a sustainable living style? It is because of the influence of social science and its influence.

Sustainable living aims to reduce the carbon footprint by using alternative methods of transportation, energy consumption, food habits etc.  It is the vision of social scientists together with UNESCO 2017[1] to develop a Sustainable development living by 2030. This can be possible only if the steps and measures are taken for a better tomorrow. The agenda represents a universal, ambition towards sustainable development with the slogan, ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’

social science

Social science aims at a better tomorrow

Along with modern institutions, social science has helped each other in mutual interplay. While modern institutions aid in facilitating social sciences knowledge, social science, on the other hand, works consistency upon the reflection the evolution of the modern institutions. It aims at braiding the horizons hence.

Several present-day issues need to be combated with ease and patience. Therefore when there are debates on feminism or ecology or any other social movement, it helps to understand their perspective.


Social science teaches to be patient, faithful, courageous, lovable empathy, and have a broad sense of connection. You broaden your thinking process; you start discerning out of the box. Such is the magic of social science. It definitely helps to shape the society in a better way.