The most prevalent notion about a successful career in today’s world revolves around the STEM– science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students are more inclined to take these subjects that have lucrative career opportunities. This is where the question arises,

How much value do humanities hold in today’s education system?

Well, humanities deal with a wide variety of subject matter that includes English, History, Psychology, Sociology and Journalism, etc. Here are the reasons why you should shift your focus to one of the major aspects of education – Humanities.




  • A global exploration: A better understanding of the world

Humanities offer a comprehensive analysis of cultures all over the world. Through subjects like history, psychology, literature, poetry and philosophy one can delve into the primitive experience of the human race and traverse through the complexities of emotions. It creates a solid base of knowledge about the world’s perspective and helps to analyse difficult situations adeptly.

  • Broaden the students’ intellectual horizon

Studying arts widens the mind’s horizon and helps students to think differently. While mathematics and science go as per some logic and fundamental guidelines, subjects like philosophy, and literature make space for interdisciplinary thinking. This aspect too paves the way for better contemplation of all subjects including STEM and assist in providing an all-inclusive solution to critical problems.

  • Helps in creating good citizens with responsibilities

History helps one to evaluate the past and compare with the contemporary society simultaneously. The knowledge is essential for becoming responsible citizens who are prepared to fulfil a broader purpose of serving the community and nation. Moreover, without a comprehensive understanding of the social structure, history, and literature, it is impossible to accomplish the duties as a responsible citizen.




  • A solid foundation of ethics and moral values

There’s a reason why schools and the primary education sector have set the syllabus revolving around subjects like humanities. It creates a sense of deeper understanding of human values and gives the right perspective. It also makes a man sound and gives the ability to judge the good from bad. Nevertheless, education comprising humanities has a profound impact on the moral, spiritual and intellectual development of a person.

  • Multifaceted problem-solving approach

Humanities teach a student to think both logically and abstractly. This all-encompassing attitude helps one to take crucial decisions and provide vital solutions to problems. Also, the creative aspect helps one to shed light on critical areas of life, weigh both sides of difficulties and effectively to come to a standpoint.

  • Effective communication abilities

When a student learns several subjects of humanities, it gives them a detailed insight into every topic. Moreover, they have to brainstorm on specific issues, research and write down whatever they have learned which improves their verbal and written skills. Also, a student gets the chance to hone in on their argumentative abilities where they learn to portray ideas logically.

Additionally, studying humanities helps to achieve a deeper meaning of life. It gives the soul the necessary creative boost which becomes a lifelong asset to the learner. Science and technology may serve the broader aspect of society, but humanities grow a significant sense of purpose to a student’s life.